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NPR Says Amikaeyla Has "One of the purest contemporary voices

On Thursday, May 28th She Is Going To Show You How To Use The Power Of Your Voice To...
Make Your Next BIG MOVE!
  • 3 HOUR LIVE Voice Your Vision Masterclass With Amikaeyla Gaston: Join Ami live on Thursday, May 28th as she creates her very first online training program. Plus, we will send you all of the recordings and presentation materials to watch on demand after the live class is finished. ($497 Value)
  • Live Coaching From Ami To Help You Make Your Next Big Move: During the live class, you will have access to ask Ami questions and work directly with her to help you use the power of your voice to change your life.
  • BONUS: A complete breakdown of Ami's story of turning adversity into a legacy. This case study will show you how powerful her Voice Your Vision training is and get you ready for the live training. ($97 value)

Here Is Exactly What You Will Get And Experience When You Conquer Fear And Uncertainty In The Velocity Masterclass

Are You Ready To Unleash Your Inner Voice?

In this new, LIVE Masterclass with Amikaeyla Gaston, you will discover how to use self expression, breathing, reflecting and meditations to help you get in touch with your inner voice that will propel you to make your Next Big Move in any endeavor in your life.

During the Live, Voice Your Vision Masterclass Ami Will Show You Step-By-Step How To...

  • Commit to making your next big move, no matter how big or scary it might be right now
  • ​You’ll discover and unlock the one domino that will change everything for you and allow yourself to fully commit to making your next big move. Having clarity on just this single idea will have you popping up out of your bed everyday, excited to take on the day and share the power of your voice with the world.
  • You’ll build unstoppable and unshakable courage that you never knew you had. Finally you will be able to face your deepest fears and walk right over them, knowing that you were put here to do more, be more and impact more.
  • ​You'll start waking up every day living your Perfect Day. From sun up to sun down you will live your most authentic life and do it without compromising who you are, what you want and what you are capable of.
  • ​You’ll create relentless confidence in your life! This is the kind of confidence that can have you standing on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, chanting your name as you share your message, your ideas, your passion and your ambition. You will also learn how to transfer this same confidence if you are talking to your kids, your boss, a friend or anyone that needs to see the beauty in your message
  • ​You’ll connect authentically with your inner circle. You will learn how to stop hiding and holding back your authentic voice when you are around the people you care the most about as well as embrace your individuality so people see you for who you really are. When you connect authentically you will finally free yourself and give yourself the inner strength to do anything you set your mind to
  • ​You will understand the difference between success and failure and what it really means to successfully make your next big move. Not only will you have the ability to display confidence and communicate with others and the outside world, but more importantly you will be able to communicate with yourself, and continue moving yourself forward as the bold, beautiful and badass person that you are.
  • ​Plus, when you join us live, you will have access to have Ami work on your Next Big Move and have her help you discover your voice as you watch along and interact during the Live Masterclass. Never before has Ami offered a program with this much interaction and access, and you will be the only group to get this level of personal attention from Ami when you enroll and join her live on May 28th!
  • ​BONUS TRAINING - Before you join Ami live on May 28th, you will have instant access to a special bonus training from Ami where you will hear her story of making her own Big Move after tragedy struck her life. You will understand how anything is possible and no matter where you are in life, you can use your voice to make your dreams come true. This bonus training is the perfect primer before the live masterclass and is your for free when you enroll before May 28th!
  • ​By the end of this Live Masterclass, you will know exactly what you want your life to look like and use the power of your authentic voice to make it a reality.
  • ​You can enroll in Voice Your Vision today at 50% off the retail price for the program. That means instead of investing $199 for this program, you can get access to join Ami live on May 28th, and interact with her during the recording of the class for only $99! This offer is only valid through Thursday, May 28th at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific.
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